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So I have a Ryzen 5 1600x with a Nvidia GTX 1080 card, and yet some games (specifically The Forest and 7 Days to Die) run around 3050 FPS on these games. Other games like GTA V, Doom and others of the high caliber sort have run pretty damn well on high or ultra graphics, with varying degrees of frame loss here and there. Would anyone have any idea as to why I'm getting such poor FPS on these two games? I found a youtube video of someone using a similar setup to mine and they run "The Forest" over 100 FPS which is my desired result.

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We walked around the expo a bit ( bit right. We stayed for four hours), marvelling at the various gadgets I never before seen. The lingerie selection ranged from decent sexy notorious: lots of lace, leather, latex, nurses and maids uniforms, whips, handcuffs.

But that wasn't true. Ever since the glowing element had been discovered, it had been known to cause harm; Marie Curie herself had suffered radiation burns from handling it. People had died of radium poisoning before the first dial painter ever picked up her brush.

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Feeling positive, said Wingate, who previously served as offensive coordinator. Ones that are here are dedicated. They committed and they want to be here. This allows me to get at least 3 auto attack onto Lucian every minion wave just by my position for CS. This forces Lucian to make a choice, either CS and take an auto attack, or use mana to CS or force his support to heal him after he takes immense amounts of poke damage. His all in is always very strong, it one of his strengths as a champion.

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